Winter is coming

Winter is coming. The immortal words of House Stark from Game of Thrones and i suspect soon to be one of the most quoted lines in Lib Dem history. Tim used it whilst talking about the Refugee Crisis, saying: “Winter is coming and the risks and hardships faced by those seeking sanctuary

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It’s time for Liberal Democrats to win again.

Tim Farron made his first speech as party leader to a packed hall at the Bournemouth International Centre today. Tim’s speech was rousing, defiant and everything you could have hoped for in our new leader who along with us faces the momentous task of rebuilding the party and making us a force

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Chester LibDems host leadership contender Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb was welcomed by Chester LibDems on his national campaign to meet, greet and share his liberal vision with local Liberal Democrat members. On his way to London, having passed through Sheffield and Liverpool earlier in the day, Norman spent a few hours setting out his liberal vision

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