Petition – No New Police Taxes

Join our petition asking the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver better efficiencies in the Cheshire Police to avoid putting up local taxes after the Conservative Government’s decision to cut police funding for our county by £1.1m each year. If you sign this petition, The Liberal

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Why our Front Line Policing Matters

Great liberal cities and communities are safe places to live, work and play. They are neighbourhoods where people have the ability, the freedom even, to make the most of their skills and the opportunities that life brings… … free from crime and free from the fear of crime. Crime and

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Summer Budget Welfare Cuts – Excessive and Unfair

This is the moment that many of us have feared, and that Liberal Democrats spent five years, fifty MPs, and thousands of local councillors preventing – an unleashed George Osborne delivering the first fully Tory budget since 1996. The Liberal Democrats are barely out of the door, and millions

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