Tim Longman

Tim Longman

Chester City and the Garden Quarter

Tim has lived in Garden Quarter for 12 years with his wife and family. He believes strongly in the power of local people coming together to get things done and is the current secretary of the Garden Quarter Association. He was highly involved in the work to get the new play facilities at Water Tower Gardens installed. He is on the adoption panel for Adoption Matters and is also a member of Christchurch Chester in Newtown (which is also situated in the ward).

Chester is a fantastic city and sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live here. If I was granted 3 wishes for Chester I would get a fast train link to Manchester Airport and on to Manchester Piccadilly, I would build a world class Roman museum next to the Amphitheatre and of course lastly would ask for everything else in the LibDem local manifesto as a job lot!
In his day job Tim is the executive director of The Firs School on Newton Lane.