Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Hoole & Newton

Mark Williams joined the Liberal Democrats in 2003 as he strongly disagreed with the Iraq war. He has lived in Hoole for 16 years after moving up here for work. Mark is a software tester for a large logistics company.
He has been an active Libdem community campaigner for the last 8 years. Mark spearheaded the campaign against the closure of the Elms surgery and also the campaign against it becoming a supermarket. Mark feels strongly that you should be able to walk to your doctors easily and it should be in your local area. He also very proud of the local independent shops in Hoole and thinks that a supermarket at the Elms will pull passing trade away.
He successfully campaigned for the 20 is Plenty zoning of Hoole of Newton, so that children are safe to play in side streets without the threat of serious injury. Mark is also currently jointly running a campaign with Adam Dandy to make Hoole bridge safe.
Mark is a team member of Nottinghoole who fund raise for the Xmas lights, run the street festivals and won the National high street competition.
He is pasasionate about the community he lives in and appreciates Hoole is a great place to live. As someone recently said; ‘If you want to live in an interesting city, you have to contribute towards it.’