Nala Rollo

Nala Rollo

Great Boughton

Nala moved to Chester from London approximately a decade ago and now considers it to be home.

Since moving to Chester, Nala worked for five years in banking before changing jobs and becoming a debt advisor for the UK’s largest debts advice charity.

Nala got involved with the Lib Dems whilst protesting the illegal war happening at that time under the then Labour government. Nala became a member of the Lib Dems shortly after moving to Chester whilst working with Mark Williams on reviving the Chester Fringe festival. After many years of campaigning across the city, Nala was elected as Chair of Chester Lib Dems in Autumn 2018.

Nala greatly opposes the further gradual erosion of our civil liberties; they are a strong advocate of both women’s and, being a non-binary pansexual, LGBT+ rights and feels that a Tory led government planning to scrap the Human Rights Act means such issues are potentially more important than ever in the county.

In 2017, Nala organised an anti-Trump protest in Chester as they felt that ‘Theresa May should not be holding hands with somebody that’s turning back the clocks on women’s, LGBT+, civil and human rights’.

Over the last few years Nala has run an arts and culture blog for Chester and is regularly found taking part in Chester’s community parades as well as making and performing music, poetry and, occasionally, what few consider to be art. Although they are no longer involved, Nala was one of the founders of Soul Kitchen, a project originally set up to help feed those experiencing food poverty which has become a successful initiative helping Chester’s homeless community.

Nala is a passionate pro-European and for the past year and a half been working alongside Noel McGlinchey to promote the benefits of staying in Europe.

Were Nala to be elected they would hold a street surgery in Great Boughton a minimum of once a month to that ensure residents are listened to and helped wherever possible.