German citizenship acquired by UK nationals

View from abroad – dual citizenship

September 15, 2018 Europe 0

In the course of my 45 years I have received a number of certificates. My cycling proficiency to prove I could slalom slowly around a few tin cans in a ...

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View from Abroad

May 7, 2017 Europe 0

I recently wrote about why I have joined the Liberal Democrats. Now, just a few weeks later, elections in the Netherlands and most recently France have demonstrated that mainland Europe ...

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An Englishman in Germany–why I joined the Liberal Democrats

February 14, 2017 Europe 1

A few weeks ago I joined the Liberal Democrats.  Why would someone who has always been Conservative decide to move away - have things really changed that much?  Quite simply, ...

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Chester Voted Remain

February 1, 2017 Europe 2

Chester voted remain Chester voted to remain in the European Union at last year's referendum on Britain's EU membership. According to the widely respected projections from Chris Hanretty of the ...

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So what happens now?

June 26, 2016 Europe / European Union 0

Thursday and Friday saw the biggest political shift in the British Isles since the execution of King Charles I in 1649. On Thursday this country was a proud outwards looking ...

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