Lib Dems record growth to highest membership on records nationally and locally

We’re thrilled to announce that nationally the Lib Dems have hit our highest ever number of members, smashing our high watermark of 101,768 members in 1994, and locally we are ...

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Chester Liberal Democrats 100 Club

November 29, 2015 Party Internal 1

The 100 Club is a fund raising scheme for the Chester Liberal Democrats. Most of the membership fees from Chester Liberal Democrats go directly to the central party, and therefore ...

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Chester LibDems host leadership contender Norman Lamb

June 19, 2015 Elections / Party Internal 0

Norman Lamb was welcomed by Chester LibDems on his national campaign to meet, greet and share his liberal vision with local Liberal Democrat members. On his way to London, having ...

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Tim Farron and Norman Lamb hustings

June 18, 2015 Party Internal 0

This is a video of one of Tim Farron and Norman Lamb's Liberal Democrat leadership hustings events held in London a couple of weeks ago, it is two hours long: ...

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