CWaC Pay & Cuts

hq-building-338406620I would like to make a few points to give perspective to the cuts and pay ‘harmonisation’ that ‘Cheshire West & Chester Council’ are currently busying themselves with.

To make cuts, Salford Council recently announced that it is axing some its top bosses to save £1 million in wages. In comparison, CWaC have 13 staff paid over £100,000 last year, which comes to a staggering £1,684,426, and an average of £129,571 each!!!

Another example is Stockport Council which, in contrast to CWaC, only has four staff paid over £100k and only one over £130k. I use Stockport as an example as it has a similar population to CWaC, with a population of 280,000 and the West Cheshire area is about 320,000, so comparison of size of council and senior management levels is fair.

So CWaC seems top heavy with high paid managers, which should be no surprise to anyone. But that is our council tax money that they are spending.

And now CWaC are busy ‘harmonising’ staff contracts across the borough (over 4 years after taking over I might add), ie making real term reductions in pay for lower paid staff by getting rid of overtime allowances for weekends and out of hours working. This puts those poor staff in an untenable position, accept the cut or lose your job.

So how about CWaC setting a real example and getting rid of some of its top heavy team of 13 senior managers who all earn over £100k a year? But it won’t, because it’s Tory controlled so they will happily cut lower paid staffs pay but won’t cut the top paid as they are all chums together. CWaC staff are clearly not ‘all in this together’.