Will you say “Yes” to fairer votes?

Are you fed up with a political system that gave us the Iraq War, the MPs’ expenses scandal and means that millions of votes are wasted every election?

All that can change on 5th May next year in the Fairer Votes Referendum.

Changing the way our voting system works will mean that MPs won’t be able to ignore people as they often have in the past. Every vote will count..

A yes vote will put power back in your hands – where it belongs.

Elizabeth Jewkes said, “Changing our outdated and unfair voting system will give power back to the people. The Alternative Vote system means that every vote will count unlike the current system where millions of votes are wasted.”

The Fairer Votes Referendum on 5th May will be the first UK wide referendum for over 35 years. To save money, it will be held on the same day as regular elections across Britain.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said, “We’ve seen the failings of the current First Past The Post electoral system again and again. “It hands power to the lucky few who live in marginal constituencies and sucks it away from the vast majority of us who do not.

On May 5th a yes vote can change that.”