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School places

We are spending £5bn by 2015 on creating new school places — more than double the amount spent by the previous Government in the same timeframe.

By September, we expect 190,000 extra places will have been created, with many more still to come, and are working with councils to ensure funding is targeted where it is most . . . → Read More: School places


Thanks to Liberal Democrats in Government, from this week, 130,000 two-year olds from the poorest homes will be eligible for 15 hours of free childcare a week with a nursery or childminder.

Liberal Democrats know that the early years make the crucial difference to a child’s chances of reaching their potential and getting on in life. That’s . . . → Read More: Childcare


Parliament has spoken and made clear that it doesn’t want British involvement in military action and we will respect that.

Our focus now will be on making the case internationally for a robust response to the use of chemical weapons by the regime and getting the world to unite behind bringing all sides together and achieving the . . . → Read More: Syria

Dangerous dogs

Dog attacks are terrifying and we need harsh penalties to punish those who allow their dog to injure people while out of control.
We’re already toughening up laws to ensure that anyone who owns a dangerous dog can be brought to justice, regardless of where a dog attack takes place. It’s crucial that the laws we have . . . → Read More: Dangerous dogs

Rogue traders

Liberal Democrat Business Minister Jo Swinson is introducing a raft of new rights for victims who are bullied or misled into buying goods and services to get their money back from rogue traders whose unfair practices cost them billions.

For too long the rules that apply when buying goods and services have been murky for both consumers . . . → Read More: Rogue traders

Extra money for A&E

Today the Coalition is providing an extra £500m to ease pressure on A&E departments helping to ensure people get the treatment they need.
This funding will provide support to local hospitals during the busy winter period this year. This will go hand in hand with our more long term approach to tackling demand on A&E departments. We . . . → Read More: Extra money for A&E

Zero hours contracts

Vince Cable has ordered a review of zero hours contracts.
Since 2005 there has been a rise in the use of zero hours contracts. For some these can be the right sort of employment contract, giving workers a choice of working patterns. However for a contract that is now more widely used, we know relatively little about . . . → Read More: Zero hours contracts


From now until the election, the Coalition will remain focused on the biggest task at hand – fixing the economy. Our priorities must be people’s priorities: boosting business, creating jobs, helping with the cost of living.
Our parties made a commitment to the people of Britain: we promised to govern responsibly and to stay focused on the . . . → Read More: Coalition

Labour and the cost of living

The reason the cost of living is high is because Labour crashed the economy. For them to criticise the Coalition for cleaning up their mess is utterly hypocritical.
Liberal Democrats have done everything we can to help people with the cost of living while cleaning up Labour’s mess.
We have:

· Stabilised the economy, keeping interest rates and mortgage . . . → Read More: Labour and the cost of living

Million Jobs Campaign

clip_image002The Liberal Democrats in government have helped business create more than a million private sector jobs, and now we’re working to help create a million more. . . . → Read More: Million Jobs Campaign