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Welcome to Bob Thompson’s diary

Cllr Bob Thompson, LibDem councillor for Hoole Ward

Cllr Bob Thompson

Welcome to Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor Bob Thompson’s diary. I intend to update this every fortnight to keep readers aware of current council issues and of matters local to Hoole.

So what do borough councillors actually do? After the hype of an election do councillors retreat to their homes with slippers and pint/glass of wine/brandy and contemplate a quiet four years attending the odd council meeting before . . . → Read More: Welcome to Bob Thompson’s diary

To be or not to be?


Chester in Concert – Theatre Design Study – Scheme C – K.E. Martin Architects – August 2011

Dodleston resident Lynne Russell makes the case for ‘the only sensible choice’ for Chester’s proposed theatre. 13th October is when the Council will finally decide on the location of the new theatre for Chester.

The obvious choice is the Latham /Gibson / Woods option, simply because this option would not only provide a purpose built theatre in the centre of Chester, . . . → Read More: To be or not to be?

Silver spoon of elections job

David Mead's letter in the Chester Chronicle 29th September

A letter by David Mead, local Liberal Democrat, published in the Chronicle 29th September:

The Chief Executive, Steve Robinson’s letter (Chronicle 8 September) seems to indicate that he personally received the £45,000 payment for acting as returning officer in the May elections. This was in addition to his regular salary from the Council of £180,000 p.a.

If this was the case, how can it possibly be . . . → Read More: Silver spoon of elections job