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Chester Liberal Democrats Coffee Morning

Bob & Rose welcome you to a Chester Liberal Democrats Coffee Morning

Saturday 29 April   10am – 12 noon

5 Ashwood Court,
Hoole Lane

Tel: 01244 34292

If you can spare something for raffle prize, that would be most welcome.

Would you would like to hold a coffee morning?  If so, please get in touch with Annie Mead,  Tel: 01244 342808

Why Chester Deserves a Lib Dem Candidate

The Conservatives under Theresa May are insistent on pursuing a hard Brexit which will be devastating to our country for years to come. We cannot afford to be complacent, if Chester again elects a Conservative MP, it will be seen as support for her hard Brexit stance and will strengthen her position.  It will cause untold damage to the economy and the social structure of our country.

However, Labour as embodied by Chris Matheson are part of the problem.  Jeremy Corbyn failed to campaign convincingly on behalf of Remain during the referendum and since then, has rolled over and accepted May’s hard Brexit. As has Chris Matheson, who talks about his opposition to Britain leaving the EU but in my opinion, has failed to stand up for the majority of voters in Chester who voted Remain. Indeed, along with the Tories, he voted for the triggering of Article 50.

If people want an MP who is committed to ensuring that Britain gets the best deal in this awful situation there is only one choice – to vote for me as the Liberal Democrat candidate.  My view has the support of Dr Wilks-Heeg, head of politics at Liverpool University who is quoted in the Standard this week as saying:

“In the EU referendum Cheshire West and Chester voted narrowly to Leave but it is calculated that voters living in the city of Chester opted equally narrowly to Remain. Dr Wilks-Heeg said it was for this reason that a surprise victor in the seat could be Tim Farron’s Lib Dems”. (i-tory vote.).

I welcome the support of anyone who cares about Britain to help me be elected on June 8th.  I stood for Chester in 2010, where I came a close 3rd in an election that saw the seat change hands. There is already substantial support for the Liberal Democrats in Chester and this is increasing as evidenced by the continual growth in our membership locally since the Referendum last year.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, since the General Election was announced, our membership here in Chester is not only growing, but growing daily.

Lizzie Jewkes, Jean Evans and Chester Liberal Democrats in the news

With a snap General Election coming up 8th June, and Chester the most marginal seat in the country there is a lot of media interest.

Here’s a report in the Chester Chronicle featuring our very own Lizzie Jewkes and Jean Evans (amongst others):

It’s Lizzie or Labour

image I’m Lizzie Jewkes and I am an experienced local and national campaigner with a long history of working to improve people’s lives. I am the candidate who puts people first and I will work with you to find solutions to the issues that affect you. My team and I have been out in Blacon listening to residents’ views. Top of the list are litter, jobs and housing. If you elect me on the 20th April, I will push the council to make it a priority to create a brighter, cleaner, Blacon. I want to see street cleaning and verge maintenance carried out on a regular basis and the introduction of dog waste bins across the area. As your Councillor I will campaign alongside you for a fairer Brexit deal to protect jobs in the area and to create a more open, tolerant and united society for everyone. I believe that all people should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This starts at home with safe, warm, affordable housing a basic requirement for everyone. I will work with all the organisations operating in Blacon to meet the needs of local residents. Vote for a different kind of politics on the 20th April.

Vote for Lizzie Jewkes.

Bonkers Brexit

In June, Chester voted to remain in the European Union 57% to 43%. Lizzie Jewkes and the Liberal Democrats are campaigning to empower Blacon residents to have a final say on the Brexit deal. Blacon Lib Dem candidate Lizzie Jewkes said, “We cannot trust the Tories or Labour to protect our economic growth and jobs. The people of Blacon should decide whether or not they want a Tory Hard Brexit propped up by Jeremy Corbyn.” Only Lizzie and the Liberal Democrats are demanding that the people should have the final say on Brexit. Lizzie said, “Corbyn’s decision to force through Article 50, when the Tories are determined to take us out of the single market is a betrayal of people in Blacon and Chester, whose jobs are reliant on our trade with Europe.”


The Parade Enterprise Centre is one of many places in Blacon to benefit from EU funding.

3 Reasons to Vote Lizzie on April 20th


• Blacon has benefited from millions of pounds worth of investment over the last few years. From energy efficient homes to a new Parade, the money has been sloshing in. So why are the streets a mess, the bus service inadequate and drug-related anti-social behaviour blighting residents lives? Thanks to your Labour Council this year you will pay more Council Tax than ever. Lizzie will demand that money is well spent so it results in a better Community for you to live and work in.



• As your Liberal Democrat candidate Lizzie is committed to empowering Blacon residents through consultation on the issues that matter to you. From campaigning to give people the final say on the Brexit deal, to investment in local groups and initiatives, voting Liberal Democrat gives you more say over the decisions that will affect your life.



• Wondered lately where your local Councillor is? If you vote Liberal Democrat on the 20th April you won’t have to wonder anymore. A vote for Lizzie is a vote for a transparent and open Councillor who will spend considerable time in Blacon listening to your issues and working you to solve them.


It’s Lizzie or Labour in Blacon. The Tories can’t win here.

Find us on twitter: @chesterlibdems

Blacon local council by-election 20th April 2017

There’s a local by-election in Blacon on Thursday 20th April, our Liberal Democrat candidate is Lizzie Jewkes. You can see her special election Focus here:

Blacon Special Election Focus April 2017